Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Subaquatic Flow and Volume Regulator

Fast Company has put together a very funny "Tongue-in-Cheek Guide for Green Gadget Buyers", which is made of obvious, common-sense devices for everyday use.

We find specially amusing The Subaquatic Flow and Volume Regulator:

It's made from recycled materials, and by simply dropping it into your toilet tank you will enjoy substantial savings on water usage.
According to Fast Company, Americans will save a whopping 900 billion gallons of water per year if this technology goes viral, which is simply amazing.
We sincerely hope this "technology" goes viral ...

Also check out the ioAerial Garment Purifier:

the Anti-Solar Panels:

or the Population-Density Moderators:

Fast Company believes Ethonomics is the future of business.
"The end of the modern financial system as we know it has cleared the way for an era of ethical economics, or "Ethonomics." We live in a world that's resource-constrained but ingenuity-rich. So an upstart generation of entrepreneurs--and innovators within the world's biggest companies--are founding businesses that are good for the world as well as the bottom line. They are practicing social change through urban revitalization, sustainable agriculture, green IT, alternative energy and online community-powered investing. Any business that claims to be truly sustainable and innovative should be increasingly efficient with energy and natural resources, transparent and accountable, and good on balance for people and other living things. Ethonomics is a hybrid of technology, design, and social responsibility."

Also see the definition of Ethonomics at Wikipedia:
"Ethonomics is the provisional name for the discipline of formally mapping and defining the prioritization of values within value systems, with the intent of understanding differences between seemingly disparate value systems, the people who hold those value systems, and the decisions they make based on those value systems. The intent is also to provide a mechanism for resolving conflicts between value systems through rational analysis."

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